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World Action on Salt. Sugar & Health

World Salt Awareness Week 2014

WASH have long been campaigning for everyone to eat less salt. As part of this campaign we have identified that in order for people to take control of their own health they need to know what they are eating in the first place. In 2014 our attention will be focused on the need for better nutrition labelling; investigating the current global trend towards nutrition labelling; congratulating those countries that have already implemented clear and consistent nutritional labelling, and targeting those countries that need to do so.  The theme aims to show that there are options for consumers that want ‘less salt please!’, and to help make it easier to choose them.

As part of the Week we will be conducting a worldwide survey on the current nutritional labelling trends around the world, and raising awareness of the importance of clear and consistent food labelling. WASH members will be invited to support this campaign by bringing this important issue to the attention of their governments highlighting how important it is for individuals to take personal responsibility for their long term health and identifying steps that they can take to reduce their salt intake, including checking labels, identifying high salt ingredients and cooking more food at home.

The Week runs from the 10th – 16th March and receives widespread support throughout the world - all countries are invited to participate; be it holding an event, creating media interest, or generating awareness within local communities.


World Salt Awareness Week Blog - 'The World is Taking Action to Reduce Salt.'  Corinna Hawkes, Head of Policy and Public Affairs, World Cancer Research Fund


Please click here to download the evaluation of click here [PDF 2,785KB]

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