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World Action on Salt. Sugar & Health

World Salt Awareness Week 2008

Welcome to World Salt Awareness Week. Representatives are supporting the event from many countries including Australia, Poland, Bangladesh, Georgia, Barbados, Canada, Sweden, Israel, Slovenia, Slovakia, Finland, Portugal, Turkey, the US, India, Pakistan and the UK.

Click here for the UK press release [DOCUMENT MISSING]

Click here for the Australian press release [DOCUMENT MISSING]

Click here for the Canadian press release [DOCUMENT MISSING]

The aims of World Salt Awareness Day include:

  • To reduce the amount of salt consumed by children
  • To publicise that children should eat even less salt than adults
  • To convey the large amounts children could be consuming just through eating everyday foods. For example, it is estimated than children consume ~50% above the UK target
  • To highlight where the salt comes from in children's diets
  • To provide practical information to parents and carers on how to reduce the level of salt their children eat

To give you idea of the level of support you can provide please have a look at the below documents, outlining the activities that you may like to replicate in your country as a starting point.

Click here for the World Salt Awareness Week planning document [DOCUMENT MISSING]

Click here for a World Salt Awareness Week poster (PDF) [DOCUMENT MISSING]

For a full list of resources please click here [DOCUMENT MISSING]

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