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CANADA - Sodium Working Group publishes report on sodium reduction strategy for Canada

1 December 2011

29 July 2010

The 25 member expert Sodium Working Group published it's report on the Sodium Reduction Strategy for Canada. The report's 27 recommendations offers 'sound expert advise for Government and Industry to take actions that could save thousands of lives annually, protect the public purse, and improve economic productivity' said Bill Jeffery, National Coordinator of the Centre for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) and a member of the sodium working group. The recommendations include setting sodium-reduction targets for dozens of food categories and measuring progress of companies towards achieving them, reducing the Nutrition Facts table's 'daily value' for sodium from 2400mg to 1500mg sodium, mandate serving sizes as the basis for reporting nutrition information and including sodium limits in government food service policies and procurement contracts (e.g. For schools, hospitals and the millitary) to name a few.


Full press release [DOC 40KB] [DOC 40 KB]
Sodium Reduction Strategy for Canada [PDF 1,615KB] [PDF 1.58 MB]


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