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Canadian Stroke Network and WASH work together to reduce sodium levels [PDF 738KB] [PDF 738 KB]
Canada announced a National Sodium Policy (press release) [DOC 40KB] [DOC 40 KB]
The urgent need to reduce sodium consumption (JAMA)
New research supports lower salt diet for children and young people (Press release) [DOC 80KB] [DOC 80 KB]
Launch of the AWASH Drop the Salt! Campaign [DOC 52KB] [DOC 52 KB]
Australians smart on salt but slow to act - consumer research (May 2007)
World Health Organisation report calling for legislation if food industry does not reduce salt
Salt reduction lowers blood pressure in children
Medical experts launch global campaign against salt to prevent over 2.5 million deaths worldwide each year
Labelling the salt content in foods: a useful tool in reducing sodium intake in Finland (Paper) [PDF 828KB] [PDF 828 KB]
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