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World Action on Salt. Sugar & Health

Professors He and MacGregor awarded a research grant


WASH member Professor Feng He and WASH Chairman Professor Graham MacGregor have been awarded £2.5m by the UK Medical Research Council for a four year scale up study to reduce salt intake in China. The study is in collaboration with Professor Puhong Zhang and colleagues at the George Institute China.

The project will identify barriers to a larger-scale implementation of the successful School-EduSalt study, a school-based education programme for salt reduction in China. This project will complement and strengthen the work Action on Salt China is doing to reduce salt consumption in the Chinese population.

Professor He said “Our School-EduSalt study demonstrated that children have a vital role to play in helping their family make healthier choices. This grant will help us understand how to scale up the school-based education programme, which in the long run could help China achieve a 30% reduction in population salt intake, in line with the World Health Organisation’s guidelines. This will have enormous benefits for health and the economy.”

Professor MacGregor added “Salt intake in China is among the highest in the world. WASH is helping China and many other countries to develop and implement an evidence-based salt reduction strategy.  A reduction in salt intake across the whole population worldwide, even by a small amount, will prevent millions of unnecessary strokes, heart attacks and heart failure each year, along with major cost-savings.”



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