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International Breakfast Cereal survey – Media Coverage
29th Nov 2016

BBC 5 Live

The Telegraph- Extra added sugar makes British cereal favourites among sweetest in the world
Daily Mail – How UK cereals ramp up the sugar
The Mirror – Sugary flakes not so grreat
The i paper – Cereal Offenders

The Times - Britons given extra sugar in their cereal
Cornwall Live - Breakfast cereals contain too much sugar with up to nine teaspoons in a bowl of Frosties
Food Ingredients First- Global Breakfast Cereal Survey Reveals Major Differences Depending on Country
Healthizmo - Over half of breakfast cereals contain high levels of sugar
Food Manufacture - Cereal firms defend sugar and salt content levels
Just Food - Kellogg, Nestle cereals show "huge" differences in salt, sugar content worldwide - study
The Irish Independent - Extra added sugar in Kellogg's and Nestle cereals makes Irish among sweetest in the worl d
Shoreham Herald - Breakfast cereals full of sugar
The Grocer - Kellogg's and Nestlé under fire for sugar variations globally
The Cosmopolitan - This is how much sugar goes into your favourite cereals
The Huffington Post: Revealed - The Shocking Amount Of Sugar In Your Favourite Breakfast Cereal
The London Economic - Concerns Raised Over The Amount Of Salt And Sugar In UK Breakfast Cereals
Bakery and Snacks - WASH slams breakfast cereal makers for higher sugar content in developing market

The Stateman: Salt, sugar content in breakfast cereals higher than WHO recommendation

Ingredient Network: WASH urges cereal salt, sugar reduction

Chichester Observer: Breakfast cereals full of sugar

Daily Mail: How UK cereals ramp up the sugar: Levles in bestsellers inculding Frosties are higher than in the same product from other countries

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