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World Action on Salt. Sugar & Health

Policy options to reduce population salt intake


A new paper by Francesco P Cappuccio et al in the British Medical Journal, once again reinforces the need for a population wide salt reduction strategy - 'The question is not whether to reduce salt intake but how to do so'

Professor Graham MacGregor, Chairman of CASH (Consensus Action on Salt and Health) and WASH (World Action on Salt and Health), says:

“This paper once again reinforces the fact that salt reduction is the most cost-effective international public health priority.  Furthermore, it outlines a clear and practical approach that is already proving successful in the UK -we urge all countries around the world to follow suit immediately. 

“We are pleased the analysis acknowledges the vital role the international food industry has to play in salt reduction. It is well known that much of the salt we eat is hidden in processed food, making it hard for consumers to choose to eat less salt.

“The UN High Level Meeting on NCDs in New York in September is a prime opportunity to draw attention to the benefits of salt reduction and to generate further action from around the world.  We urge the delegates to set an international target of less than 5 grams of salt per person per day by 2025, which will prevent hundreds of thousands of deaths from strokes and heart attacks each year.” 



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