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Interested in developing a national programme to reduce dietary salt?


April 2011

WASH members Prof Norm Campbell, Prof Bruce Neal and WASH Chairman Prof Graham MacGregor have published a guidance framework on how to develop a national programme to reduce dietary salt. The manuscript outlines a sequence of steps that need to be taken, and provides suggestions on how to adapt to your national situation.

Download the full paper from the Journal of Human Hypertension:

New Research reveals huge differences in sodium contents of identical pizzas around the world (March 2011)

  • WASH surveyed the sodium and salt content of over 500 pizza products available around the world from well known international pizza outlets such as Pizza Hut, Dominoes, Eagle Boys and Papa Johns, as well as pizzas available in supermarkets and grocery stores.
  • Not one product surveyed had the same salt content around the world

(Worldwide) New research published today by World Action on Salt and Health (WASH) as part of World Salt Awareness Week (21-27 March), identified that in some countries, people are being fed over twice as much salt in popular pizza brands as people elsewhere in the world.


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