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World Action on Salt. Sugar & Health



Our poster is free to download and use for Salt Awareness Week or throughout the year. If you require a translation or any edits to the poster, please email

  Click the link to download the 2019 poster: WASH 2019 poster [PDF 1,238KB] 

WASH 2019 Arabic Translation [PDF 1,290KB]


WASH 2019 Chinese Translation [PDF 1,394KB]

WASH 2019 French Translation [PDF 1,242KB]

WASH 2019 Italian Translation [PDF 1,260KB]

WASH 2019 Spanish Translation [PDF 1,237KB]

WASH 2019 Mongolian Translation [PDF 1,215KB]


Social Media Images

The following images are available to download and use. Please right click the image and choose the 'Save Image As' option

Twitter/Facebook Header

Supporter Social Media Image

Salt Awareness Week Infographic

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