Salt Action Summary

September 2008

In March 2008, NVVL (Network for Food Experts) and FNLI (Federation of the Dutch Food and Grocery Industry) jointly organised a symposium about sodium reduction in food products. FNLI has established the task force 'Salt in Foods' to stimulate the international food industry to reduce the use of salt in its products.

The task force aims at reducing salt levels across the sector. It will aim to ensure that consumers do not associate 'less salty' with 'less tasty'. The first phase, with an intended salt use reduction of 10-15%, will end late in 2009 or early in 2010. Each sector in the food industry monitors its own products, the FNLI will collect data and produce an overview annually. The repeated RIVM measurement of sodium levels in 24-hour urine samples will assess whether the approach has been successful.