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A study into the effectiveness of a behavioural change intervention to reduce salt intake in a Vietnamese province found that mean salt intake fell from 8.48g per day to 8.05g per day as a result of the intervention. To view the full study, please click here.


The WHO used World Heart Day (29th September) to call on Vietnam to reduce its salt intake, in a bid to reduce the incidence of heart disease and stroke in the country.

The National Nutrition Institute found that average daily salt intake is 12-15 grams, and a national survey has found that the prevalence of hypertension is 25.1% in those aged 25 years and older. The WHO also estimates that cardiovascular diseases are responsible for 33% of total deaths in the country.

The main sources of salt in the diet are salt and salty condiments added during cooking and at the table (81%), followed by processed foods (12%). More information can be found here.

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