Salt Action Summary

May 2008

World Hypertension Day

World Hypertension Day 2008 was supported in Isfahan, Iran.  The activity included an active week of education and interventions for professionals, high blood-pressure patients and the general population.   This was a great opportunity to increase knowledge to everybody, particularly high risk people and patients about the silent killer disease – hypertension.  It will prevent and control with easy ways by changing health and life style. It is very important and very easy by decrease salt and weight, increase exercise and healthy diet. Iran had some education program in their population for one week from 15-21 May, focusing on 17th May in Isfahan with two messages:1) Measure your blood pressure at home 2) Decreasing salt = Decrease high blood pressure (Isfahan is one of the biggest city in Iran with above 5-6million population. Prevalence of hypertension in Isfahan is above 18%).

Isfahan World Hypertension Day, 17 May 2008

Report of Hypertension Day

Hypertension Unit of Isfahan Cardiovascular Research Center WHO Collaborating Center in the EMRO Secretary General Iranian Heart Foundation

Rezvan Ansari*, Alireza Khosravi, Ahmad Bahonar

*Manager of Hypertension Day and Deputy and research expert of Hypertension Unit of Isfahan Cardiovascular Research Center:

The rates of prevalence, awareness and control of hypertension are 17.5%, 51% and 12%, respectively, in the cities of Isfahan and Najaf-Abad. The activities conducted in these cities to mark the World Hypertension Day were in line with the following objectives:

  • Training activities centred on primary prevention, to increasing community awareness of  hypertension particularly salt intake
  • Encouraging the public to have their blood pressure checked
  • Increasing patient compliance with antihypertensive drug regimens
  • Encouraging follow-up of hypertensive patients
  • Increase the knowledge of people specially patients and their families about daily salt intake and its important in prevention and control hypertension
  • Increasing the knowledge of physicians and health personnel about correct methods of prevention and treatment of hypertension particularly healthy diet and daily salt intake

The Hypertension Unit of Isfahan Cardiovascular Research Centre coordinated the activities to mark the World Hypertension Day with the Vice-Chancellery for Treatment of Isfahan University of Medical Sciences, Isfahan and Najaf-Abad Municipalities, Isfahan health centres and clinics, hospitals, factories, offices and Isfahan Radio and television Broadcasting Service (IRIB).

  1. Islamic republic of Iran broadcasting ,news department
  2. Youth news club
  3. Clinical of Isfahan oil and petroleum distribution company
  4. Treatment assistance of Isfahan university of medical sciences
  5. Nursing office in treatment assistance of medical sciences
  6. Health assistance of Isfahan medical science university
  7. Public affaires of Isfahan medical science university

The activities performed in health centers and other designated locations across Isfahan province during these the 10 days leading up to the Hypertension Day included:

  1. Carrying out morning manoeuvre with the cooperation of Heart Friends’ NGO(National Group Organization)and presence of some cardiologists, internists and nurses group .Education as well as blood pressure measurement at home by them to the members of Heart Friends' NGO in clouding CAD patients and their family.
  2. Organizing a mountain climbing event on may 19, 2008 with aim: sharing pamphlets to 8 educating title and learn to participants about "what do we measure our blood pressure at home".
  3. Print of education poster on 15m2 size and their posting some (was attached)
  4. Organizing a seminar about the World Hypertension Day entitled "Prevention, control and treatment hypertension" for nurses, active members of Isfahan hospitals and clinics.
  5. Using mass media (radio, television, dailies) to announce the World Hypertension Day with two message "Measure your blood pressure at home" and "Decrease Salt = Decrease Hypertension"
    • Arranging a medical talk show on hypertension on Isfahan local TV Channel
    • Arranging the broadcast of several sub-titled mottos and short messages about prevention and control of hypertension on Isfahan local TV Channel
    • Arranging for the broadcast of radio messages and programs about hypertension for 10 days
  6. Setting up 30 blood pressure measurement stalls in hospitals across Isfahan Province to offer free training on blood pressure measurement and with two messages: "Measure your blood pressure at home" and "Decrease Salt = Decrease Hypertension"