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British Hypertension Society newsletter (Dec '08) [PDF 923KB] [PDF 923 KB]
World Hypertension League newsletter (Oct '08) [PDF 1,004KB] [PDF 0.98 MB]
CASH submits article on the UK salt reduction success to the FDA [DOC 51KB] [DOC 51 KB]
Serious Salt Scare for Australian Boys (Oct '08) [DOC 208KB] [DOC 208 KB]
WASH welcomes the news that salt intake continues to fall in the UK (Jul '08) [DOC 46KB] [DOC 46 KB]

FSA press release (Jul '08)
EU Salt Reduction Initiative (July '08)

AWASH sausage sizzler press release (July '08) [DOC 213KB] [DOC 213 KB]
High blood pressure causes a fifth of early deaths in the developing world (June '08) [PDF 145KB] [PDF 145 KB]
US - CSPI urge a reduction of salt in restaurants (July '08) [DOC 51KB] [DOC 51 KB]
AWASH sausage sizzler press release (July '08) [DOC 213KB] [DOC 213 KB]
Salt intake is related to soft drink consumption in children and adolescents - a link to obesity? [PDF 307KB] [PDF 307 KB]

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