How Can I Eat Less Salt?

There are a number of simple ways that you can reduce your salt intake. By understanding the truth behind some common salt myths, learning how to read labels and understanding which foods are high in salt, you can watch what you’re eating at home and when you’re eating out. Click on the links on the left to find out how to keep your salt intake under control.

The WHO recommends that we consume a maximum of 5g of salt a day, and less for children:

AgeMaximum Salt Intake
0-6 months<1g / day
6-12 months1g / day
1-3 years2g / day
4-6 years3g / day
7-10 years5g / day
11 years and above6g / day


Give yourself time to adjust

Many of us have developed a preference for salty flavours due to years of eating manufactured foods with a high salt content as well as the use of salt as seasoning. Initially when you reduce your salt intake foods tend to taste bland, but after two or three weeks you will start to taste the real and delicious flavour of natural food. Give yourself time to adjust. In the tips for eating at home, you’ll find alternative ways of adding flavour to your food.

How you can help us all eat less salt

Whether you are a chef, a restaurant owner, a food manufacturer or a customer wanting to eat less salt, we would welcome your support of our campaign. By getting involved in this campaign you would be helping WASH to bring about a reduction in the salt contained in food which will help to reduce the number of people suffering from heart attacks, strokes and numerous other diseases. 

Let us know how you are eating less salt by emailing or tweet us @WASHSALT using #EatLessSalt