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The World Health Organisation (WHO) has set a worldwide target of a maximum intake of 5g a day for adults. Many countries have developed their own guidelines and set targets for salt intake - for example, target salt intake in both the UK and the USA is a maximum of 6g per day.

In most developed countries, up to 80% of our daily salt intake comes from salt added during manufacturing. In order to lower salt intake from the global average level of 9-12g a day to the WHO recommended limit, it is necessary to work with food industry and encourage them to lower salt levels. It is also necessary to gain support for salt reduction from governments, who can issue guidelines and ensure all companies are involved, not just the responsible few.

Following the succes of Action on Salt in the UK, WASH was set up in 2005 to help other countries develop and implement salt reduction strategies. WASH work with our members around the world to help them develop an appropriate strategy relevant to the needs of their country, and to stimulate action from governments, the public, teh food industry and the media. 

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