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World Action on Salt & Health

WASH Member Videos

To mark Salt Awareness Week 2021, and to celebrate our diverse WASH network, we are inviting all WASH members to submit a short video to talk about their favourite meal and how they prepare this with less salt. These videos will be displayed on the WASH website and posted throughout the week. 

If you are a WASH member and would like to participate in this project, please follow the guidance below.

  • Record a short video of yourself, covering the following:
    • Introduce yourself and state the country you live in
    • Your favourite meal, with a brief description of the ingredients
    • A brief explanation of why it is your favourite meal (e.g. did our family eat this meal on special occasions? Is there a link to a family member of a firend who cooks this for you?)
    • How you prepare this meal with less salt (e.g. using fresh herbs, spices, garlic or chilli in place of salt)
  • Videos should be no longer than 30 seconds
  • Videos must be recorded in landscape 
  • Videos can be recorded in your native language, but please provide a written translation in English so that we can apply subtitles to the video
  • Depending on the file size, videos can be submitted to or via WeTransfer

All questions can be sent to We look forward to seeing your videos!

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